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Ministry Partners


Jesucristo Es El Rey Ministerio Internacional

Pastor Antonio Galan
Pastora Melisen Galan

Sunday - 1:00
Tuesday - 7:30
Thursday - 7:30

Join us in lively worship each Sunday afternoon and Bible study every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  Each service is spoken in Spanish and translated into English.

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Children's Clothing Closet

We would love for you to volunteer Tuesday's 9:00 - 12:00 or 1:00 - 4:00

We partner with the Summit Church to offer a children's clothing closet for our community! If you'd like more information or to volunteer, you can contact Marcia Beard at

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Emergency Chaplains

Office hours are M-Th 9:00 - 5:00

Emergency Chaplains exist to turn those in crisis towards Christ. To accomplish this, they minister to law enforcement officers, medics, firefighters, and 911 communicators while working side-by-side with them to

care for people in crisis.


To learn more, visit EChap.Org

GRAB Durham

GRAB Mission
Our mission is to meet our kids and families where they are and enable them to unlock their full potential while providing life skills and enrichment and developmental programs to enhance day-to-day living with a pathway to their desired success. 


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Great Endeavors Homeschoolers

Great Endeavor Homeschoolers (GEH) was formed in 2014 to provide support and encouragement to local homeschooling families through prayer, support, and various opportunities to meet together and enrich our homeschool experience. Homeschooling is a GREAT ENDEAVOR but not an easy one! Every member of the family needs support, encouragement, and friends to share this unique experience. GEH strives to provide this experience with a variety of programs, activities, and events geared towards the whole family, moms, all ages of students, and even dads! Whether you are new to homeschooling, 'thinking' about homeschooling or a seasoned teacher, GEH wants to provide you with the means to make the homeschooling experience EXACTLY what you want it to be!

Central Durham Classical Conversations

"In every subject, God has hidden His truth and beauty. It is our pleasure as students and teachers to discover Him as we learn. Our studies should also prepare us to reason clearly, speak eloquently, calculate accurately, and write persuasively so that we have the ability to make God known to others. A Christian model of education puts God in the center and presents every subject in its proper context: Every subject was created by God. Every law of science, every detail of biology, every man in history was created by God. We also show students that every created thing has a purpose: to glorify God. Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.


Classical Conversations empowers you to guide your child’s educational development at every age (and teaches you, too!). Our Christ-centered homeschool curriculum is rooted in the classical model and is in tune with the way children naturally learn. We believe education is best experienced together, and that’s why community is the bedrock of our homeschool model. You and your child benefit from the type of comprehensive, Christian education that creates a lifelong love of learning. We’re the homeschool program that helps you cultivate an inquisitive, thoughtful child through an intentional, community-based approach. Learning together with families like yours, you’re equipped with the tools and support to teach a Christ-centered worldview that’s rooted in the classical model.


The Central Durham Classical Conversations community was formed in 2015 and is one of 5 Durham area communities. "

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